Pune : +91 99600 55233 / +91 73852 87971    Baroda : +91 96620 44508 / +91 96625 03927
Pune : +91 99600 55233 / +91 73852 87971    Baroda : +91 96620 44508 / +91 96625 03927

Component Manufacturing

PMT has successfully established itself into component manufacturing of critical parts integrating onto its core competence as a renowned machine tool manufacturing company. PMT caters to precision component needs of the Power, Gear Box, Locomotive, Transport, Aerospace and other industries.

The components are precision in quality and can be large or small in size. The volumes of such components are in batch and are very special in nature.

Component Manufacturing Division catering to the following Industries :


  • Machining of rotor hubs, main frames, blade adaptors and axel pin.
  • Specialization in shot blasting and painting of the above parts.
  • Special fixture manufactured in house to hold the parts during machining.
  • Machining various size of parts for windmills of 1 Mega watt to 10 Mega watts.
  • Machining of windmill gear boxes for Suzlon.
  • Main customers are Enercon, Suzlon, RE power.


Power Turbines

  • Machining of Hydro turbines, steam turbines and nuclear turbine components.

  • Components like Turbine casings, Turbine Shafts, Turbine blades like pelton , Kaplan and Francis. Etc.

  • Machining and Assemblies like governor, safety valves etc.

  • Turbine components of 50 Mega watts to 500 Mega watts.

  • Main customers BHEL, Andritz, GE, Voith, Kirloskar brothers, Triveni etc.

Railway Parts

  • Machining of bogie frames of metro rails, monorails, trams. Bolster , Headstock, Tail Stock and Various Sub Assemblies

  • Fabrication of bogie frame parts.

  • Painting of bogie frames

  • Project executed through Bombardier. Delhi Metro, Queensland Metro, Riyadh Metro, Sao Paulo – monorail, Stockholm Rail Vienna.

  • Machining of traction motors shafts, housing, end shields. Customers are Siemens, Crompton greaves.

  • Axel for railway wagons customer Bonatrans.

  • Development of railway wagon wheel for Bonatrans.


Large Bearings

  • Machining of large size bearings for windmills, mining, cranes.

  • Specialized in process like metallizing and painting.

  • Customer like, SKF, Windworld, REGEN, Gamesha, Suzlon, Caterpillar.


  • Machining of various Parts of Pump

  • Specialized in Manufacturing parts of Pumps for
  • HVAC : Heating / Domestic hot water / Air Conditioning
  • Water Supply : Pressure Boosting / Rainwater / Firefighting  / Clean Water Treatment / Distribution and Boosting / Leisure / Irrigation
  • Drainage and Sewage : Drainage / Sewage / Waste Water Collection and Transport / Waste Water Treatment 


Computer aided engineering (CAE) helps to identify and resolve the issues with structural integrity of Various components at early stage of development. Finite element modelling (FEM) based virtual validation procedures are an integral part design at PMT’s R&D . Being a virtual validation, it helps to make many modifications in the design iteratively by understanding the structural characteristics. Though, many commercial FEM tools are available for this purpose, it requires PMT Files for Patent on CAE Approach to System significant expertise to apply such tools. It is sole responsibility of the expert who has to understand the physics behind the tool and the problem to be solved. Considering the requirement of virtual validation and lack of standard structural evaluation methods, CAE team involves in the development of robust analysis methods for the various components at R&D. Comparing various methods that are in practice to analyse this component, the proposed novel approach can predict the structural characteristics more accurately combining various influencing parameters.